What is Best for the Education of Our Children?
by Steve Loehrke

This whole web site is dedicated to answering the question.  All of the information presented here is MY PERSONAL OPINION based on facts I have personally researched.  This question is the main focal point of every decision made by our school board. 

What is it like to be on a local school board?  What important topics have been discussed at board meetings in the last five years?  Why are school boards often made up of people with a personal self-interest such as relatives or close friends of employees?  What are the policies and procedures of our school district? What must change in order to get a school district to do a superior job educating our children?  How much money does it take to educate our children?  Where does it come from?  Are teachers overworked and underpaid?  What are the actual salaries and benefits of employees in our school district?  How are union contracts negotiated, interpreted, and enforced?  What is the QEO?  Why doesn't the school district ask taxpayers to approve a referendum to raise taxes for our school district?  How do you balance a budget?  How does the administration evaluate professional teachers?  Why shouldn't the school board evaluate employees in public?  What things get discussed in closed sessions?  What are the standards for employee discipline?  How can a school district evaluate and improve the performance of individual teachers?  If satisfactory improvement is not achieved, what steps can be taken?  Is it possible to replace a poor teacher?  Why doesn't the school board respond to every letter to the editor?  What is NCLB and WKCE and why does the school district have to get better each year?  How does our school district compare to other districts - both financially and academically?  Where can someone find facts about our school's performance?  Is this a good school district for our children?  How do we get better?  In the last five years, I have answered these types of questions many times.  Click on the links in the Table of Contents on the next page to read news articles, letters, opinions, editorials, and links to other web resources that will attempt to answer your school board questions.  If you can't find the answer to your question here, please email me at HelpMakeOurSchoolBetter@WhatIsBestForTheEducationOfOurChildren.com.  Our students need the support of everyone in our community.  Thanks, Steve Loehrke.

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